What Makes a Phone Case Good?

What Makes a Phone Case Good?

Your next consideration immediately you purchase a phone is the protection. Phones are susceptible to slips, falls, and contact with fluids causing damage. No matter how careful you are with your phone, accidents are unavoidable.

With a quality phone case, you can limit the damage on the phone in case of a fall. The phone cases offers more grip when holding the phone. It also reduces impact when the phone falls.

However, not every phone case in the market is ideal for your phone. Here are some of the features that make an ideal phone case.

  • Durability

As the phones become more detailed, they keep becoming pricey. The gadgets also come in high-end screens that cost a fortune to repair or replace when broken.

Given most protection plans don’t cover broken screens, you are better off protecting the phone using a durable phone case.

Most phones tend to fall from pockets accidentally or when taking selfies. You need a phone case made of rubber or other shock absorption materials on the edges. 

A durable phone case will retain its drop-proof protection for a long time. You don’t have to spend more money every other time for replacing the case. Neither do you have to worry about a broken phone when you keep the case for long. 

  • Anti-microbial 

Phones are some of the dirtiest objects with bacteria exposure. The phone is exposed to various environments and you touch it after touching every other surface. Studies have shown that phones contain 7 times more bacteria compared to toilet seats. 

That is not to say you stop using your phone to stay healthy. You only need the right phone case to keep your phone bacteria-free. The anti-microbial phone cases inhibit the growth of bacteria hence you stay protected at all times. 

  • Stylish 

Phone cases are more than just protecting the phone from slips and falls. You can use them to show your style and personality. 

There are several iPhone cases designs to show off your personality. For example, the various phone cases might have rubber for active life or bright colors for the outgoing. 

You can also opt to customize a phone case depending on your needs. The customization allows you to pass messages or brand a business. 

  • Clarity 

Phones have become more than just communication gadgets. Other than supporting the common functionalities like entertainment and educational purposes, phones are becoming more powerful and pretty. 

Top phones like Samsung Galaxy S21 and the iPhone 12 have top designs. You don’t want to keep that work of art away using a bulky phone case. Showcase the beauty in your hands by using a clear phone case. 

The only concern with clear phone cases is possible discoloration due to UV rays and oil from the skin. Use phone cases with coatings to avoid concerns.

Bottom Line


A phone case is one of the most functional items. It protects the phone while you can also use it to showcase your personality and style. Look for a durable phone case for longer protection. An ideal phone case is protective, stylish, and slim.